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Patient Financial Services and Financial Counseling
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Phone: 810-216-4100

Pay your Lake Huron Medical Center Hospital bill here.

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Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you have questions about your hospital bill, or need assistance paying your hospital bill, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 810-216-4100. Please allow 4-7 days for your online payment to post to your hospital account.

Lake Huron Medical Center wants to help you understand the billing process and resources that are available to you. A financial counselor can help you understand your hospital bill and explain the options available to you if you are unable to pay for the services you need.

The Basics

Always bring your identification and insurance card when coming to the hospital for services. Lake Huron Medical Center is dedicated to protecting the integrity of your medical record and your financial security. We ask for proof of identity at every patient encounter.

Hospital charges are summarized into categories of charges on your bill, such as laboratory, radiology, or supplies. Physicians and other professional providers bill their fees separately from the hospital. You may receive more than one bill when you have services at Lake Huron Medical Center. In addition to the hospital bill, physicians and other practitioners involved in your care will bill for services. These practitioners are radiologists, emergency room physicians, pathologists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons.

If You Have Insurance Coverage

Lake Huron Medical Center will bill your insurance company for services provided. As a patient, you are ultimately responsible for all charges and we may request your assistance if your claim is delayed or denied by your insurer.

When you have insurance, you may have out of pocket costs. Out of pocket costs include deductibles, copay, co-insurance, and non-covered services. Your insurance company can provide information on your out of pocket costs and what services are covered by your specific plan.

When is Payment Due?

Payment is expected at the time of service for elective or non-emergency services.

We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

If you are unable to pay your out of pocket amount, you may qualify for assistance or payment arrangements. Our financial counseling team is available to assist patients in understanding their out of pocket expense and the options available to help you meet those expenses.

What is “Under-insured”?

While many patients have some healthcare insurance coverage, very often there is limited coverage between the plan and what is needed to meet the healthcare needs of the patient. Often, this requires a patient to pay a large amount for services.

If you have insurance, but cannot afford to pay the amount you owe, you may qualify for a discount payment program. Please contact a Financial Counselor to discuss this option at 810-216-4100.

If You Do NOT Have Insurance Coverage

Lake Huron Medical Center is committed to providing accessible, affordable health care services to the community. In keeping with this goal, we have developed a variety of financial options aimed at addressing the needs of patients without insurance coverage. Please contact a Financial Counselor to discuss all options available to help meet your health care needs.

Public Assistance Programs

Our financial counselors will work with you to determine if you may be eligible for a public assistance programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, MOMs, or MI-CHILD. The financial counselor will assist you in application process for medical public assistance programs. Proof of income, household size, and other assets is required to complete the public assistance application.

Financial Counselor Phone: 810-216-4100. No appointment is necessary to meet with a hospital financial counselor.

You may also visit the Michigan Department of Human Services website for information on public assistance programs.

Lake Huron Medical Center Care Program

Based on your individual circumstances, you may qualify for the Lake Huron Medical Center financial assistance program for medically necessary services. A financial counselor will complete an assessment of your household income and resources and determine if you meet the criteria for our hospital charity care program. Proof of income and household size is required to complete the assistance application.

Depending on your health care needs, other funds may be available to cover specific medical or screening services. A financial counselor will assist in determining if there is a program for your specific medical need.

Self-Pay Discounts

If you do not have insurance and you are not eligible for Public Assistance or one of our Financial Assistance programs, the financial counselor will apply a self-pay discount to your account. The self-pay discount is available for un-insured patients and will not be applied to any post insurance deductibles, copays, or co-insurances. Please contact a financial counselor to discuss all financial assistance programs, including the self-pay discount.

Payment Arrangements

Payment arrangement may be available to allow you to pay self-pay and post insurance out of pockets expenses over time. A financial counselor will help determine if you qualify for extended payment arrangements.

Pricing Resources

Estimate My Cost

Lake Huron Medical Center wants to make the billing process as simple as possible for you. Determine how much a service or procedure might cost by exploring our interactive estimator tool.

Standard Charges

The standard charges provided on this website are not a guarantee of what you will be charged or the amount you will owe. Your actual charges may be different from the standard charges for many reasons including, but not limited to, the seriousness of your medical condition, your physician’s treatment decisions, your health care needs, and the services you receive. Additionally, these standard charges do not include charges for all the items and services provided by the hospital. Some pharmacy items, supplies, and other items and services do not have standard charges. These standard charges do not include any physician charges (e.g., office visits, surgeon fees, anesthesiologist fees, emergency room physician fees, radiologist fees, pathologist fees, or other consulting physician fees, etc.). Please consult with your health plan if you need help understanding your benefits. If you have insurance or other health care coverage, your benefits will determine the amount you owe.

By clicking ‘view our standard charges’ below, you accept the above disclaimer agreement and acknowledge that if you obtain health care services, the amount you will be required to pay may be different from the standard charges provided on this web page.

Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

To learn more about your rights and protections against surprise medical bills, click here.