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Wellness Program

Lose Weight Under the Care of an Endocrinologist

Lake Huron Medical Group – Endocrinology’s Wellness Program includes an interactive approach to weight loss under the care of an Endocrinologist, an Exercise Physiologist, and other health care professionals.

For additional information, please call 810-216-4200.

Wellness Program Overview

  • Regularly scheduled appointments with your Endocrinologist: initial, 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks
  • Regularly scheduled appointments with your Exercise Physiologist: every 2 weeks for 3 months, every 6 weeks for 1 year, and yearly follow-ups to help meet your individual needs
  • Web-based tools to support weight loss efforts
  • Also available for optimum results:
  • Protein based meal replacement shakes
  • Supplements

Featuring Phil and his journey to success.


Body composition testing is the most, technologically advanced, and most accurate methods to look at changes in your body.The purpose of healthy weight loss is to maintain muscle and target fat loss. We have the ability to show you each visit, and make modifications to your plan to ensure we target fat loss, and maintain muscle to keep your metabolism high. #muscleburnsfat


Each follow up see changes since starting the program, break down the changes since your last check in. THE KEY: The scale does not show changes in fat and muscle. Slow steady weight loss ensures fat loss. Approximately 1-2 pounds per week is safe and ideal and prevents muscle loss, which IS THE KEY!


Your weight on the scale is not a success or failure in this program. Loosing fat changes your overall physical appearance much more DRASTICALLY. Muscle mass is very dense, adispose tissue (fat), is less dense and takes up double the volume or physical space it occupies. Target FAT loss, keep your muscle. #MuscleBurnsFat


Together they lost over 500 pounds!
Eating real food and medical meal replacement weight loss shakes, without surgery!

Medically Supervised By: Endocrinologist Dr. Gaurav Bhalla, MD
Kristin Ryan, AGPCN-BC
Kristin Elliot, ACNP-BC


If you would have ever told me I could that I could use this this easy…. I kick myself for eating myself into the size I was, but I’ve taken control. I am so proud of what I’ve been able to do. It’s about the support and the people. The first 6 weeks I lost 32 pounds: DURING THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS. Nobody loses weight during the holidays!  I did this, so I can do anything. I’ve lost over 260 pounds, and I bought the convertible, the plate says, ” YOU CAN TOO!”

Phil Romzek

Healthy Recipe Option

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Wellness Program